Hitachi Excavator Parts

We supply every equipment part you need for your Hitachi Excavator.  We have everything from Final Drives to O-Rings.  Contact us now and let us show you how we can save you money on your New/Used and Rebuilt Hitachi excavator parts and other heavy equipment parts.
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Hitachi Models

AH250 EX60 LC EX200 LC EX400 LC-5 KH100-2 ZX18 ZX160 ZX330
AH400D EX60-1 EX200 LC-2 EX400 LCH-3 KH125-3 ZX18CLR ZX180 ZX330 LC
CG8 EX60-2 EX200 LC-3 EX450 KH150-2 ZX22U-2 ZX180 LC ZX330 LC-3
CG35 EX60-3 EX200 LC-5 EX450 LC KH150-3 ZX25 ZX180W ZX330 LC UHD
CG45-3 EX60-5 EX200 LCK-2 EX450 LC-3 KH180-3 ZX27 ZX200 ZX350
CG45C EX60G EX200-1 EX450 LC-5 KH230-3 ZX27U ZX200 LC ZX350 LC
CG65 EX60SR EX200-2 EX450 LCH KH300-3 ZX27U-2 ZX200 LC-3 ZX350 LC-3
CG65D EX60URG EX200-3 EX450 LCH-3 KH850 ZX30U ZX200 LC-5 ZX350 LCH
CG70-3 EX60 LCT-3 EX200-5 EX550 LC KH850-3 ZX33 ZX200 LR ZX350 LCK
CG100 EX60LCT-3 EX210 LCH-5 EX550 LC-3 LX120 ZX35 ZX200-3 ZX350 LCN
CG110C EX75UR EX210 LCK-5 EX550 LC-3E LX150-2 ZX35U ZX210 ZX350 LCN-3
CG110D EX75UR-3 EX220 LC EX550 LC-5 LX210E ZX35U-2 ZX210 LC ZX350LCH-3
CG150 EX75UR-5 EX220 LC-3 EX550 LCE-3 LX230 ZX40U-2 ZX210 LC-3 ZX370 LC
CHR70 EX75US-3 EX220 LC-5 EX550 LCE-5 LX290E ZX50 ZX210 LCN ZX450
CX500 EX80 EX225 EX600 LCH-5 MA125 ZX50CLR ZX210N ZX450 LC
CX500C EX80U EX230 LC-5 EX700 SR G2000 ZX50U ZX210W-3 ZX450 LC-3
CX700 EX100 EX240 LC-3 EX700 BE UE40 ZX50U-2 ZX220W-3 ZX450 LC-5
EG20 EX100-2 EX270 LC EX700H UH06 ZX75 ZX225 LC ZX450-3
EG30 EX100-3 EX270 LC-1 EX750 UH07 ZX75UR ZX225US ZX450H
EG70R EX100-5 EX270 LC-5 EX750 BE UH07-7 ZX75URT-5 ZX225US LC ZX460 LC
EG110R EX100-5E EX270LL EX750 BE-5 UH025-1 ZX75US ZX225US LC-3 ZX460 LCH
EH1100-3 EX100M EX300 EX750 LC UH025-7 ZX75US A ZX225USR ZX480MTH
EX5 EX110 EX300 LC EX750 LC-5 UH062 ZX75USBL ZX225USR LC ZX500 LC
EX5-2 EX110-5 EX300 LC-2 EX750-5 UH063 ZX80 ZX225USR-3 ZX500 LCH
EX8-2B EX120 EX300 LC-3 EX800 LCH UH081 ZX80SB LC ZX225USRK ZX520 LC-3
EX10U-1B EX120 LC EX300 LC-3C EX800H UH082 ZX85US ZX230 ZX600
EX17U EX120-1 EX300 LC-3L EX1000 UH121 ZX85USB-3 ZX230 LC ZX600 LC
EX20U EX120-2 EX300 LC-5 EX1100 UH122 ZX110 ZX240 ZX650 LC
EX22 EX120-3 EX300-3 EX1100-3 UH123 ZX120 ZX240 LC ZX650 LC-3
EX30-2 EX120-5 EX300-3C EX1100 BE UH123 LC ZX120-3 ZX240 LC-3 ZX650 LCH
EX30U EX130K-5 EX300-5 EX1100 BE-3 UH172 ZX125US ZX240-3 ZX650 LCH-3
EX30UR EX135 EX300L EX1200 UH181 ZX130 ZX250 ZX650H
EX35-2 EX135UR EX310H-3C EX1200-5 UH261 ZX130 LCN-3 ZX250 LC ZX670 LC-3
EX35U EX135UR-5 EX330 LC EX1200-5D UH801 FS ZX130-3 ZX250 LC-3 ZX800
EX40 EX135US EX330 LC-5 EX1200-6 W170 ZX130W ZX250 LCN ZX800 BE
EX40U EX135US-5 EX350 LC EX1800 WH04D ZX135 ZX250 LCN-3 ZX800 LC
EX40U-2 EX135USR EX350 LCH-5 EX1800 BH-2 Z120 ZX135UR ZX270 ZX850
EX40UR EX135W EX350H-5 EX2500-6 ZW220 ZX135US ZX270 LC ZX850 LC-3
EX40URT EX150 EX355 LC EX3500 ZW250 ZX135US-3 ZX270 LC-3 ZX850-3
EX50URG EX160 EX400 LC FK180 ZX8 ZX135USK ZX280 LC ZX870
EX55UR-3 EX165W EX400 LC-3 HX140B ZX16 ZX160 LC ZX280 LCN
EX60 EX200 EX400 LC-3C KH100 ZX17U-2 ZX160W ZX280 LCN-3